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Best Diploma In Bartender

Best Diploma In Bartender

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A Bartender is the person who formulates and serves beverages alcoholic or soft drinks behind the bar. Bartenders also usually maintains the supplies and inventory for the bar. Bartenders are also responsible for confirming that customers meet the legal drinking age requirements before serving them alcoholic beverages.

A bartender can generally mix classic cocktails such as a Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Mojito & Bloddy Mary. The bartending profession till recent was a second occupation, done as transitional work by students to earn some extra perks while studying or to gain customer experience. This however is changing around the world and bartending has become a profession and its by choice rather than necessity, the perks have also increase and the delight in serving using your skills and talent is utmost satisfactory.

Around the world Cocktail competitions such as Bacardi Legacy and World Class have recognised bartenders talents in the past decade and have rewarded them. These bartenders, and others, spread the love of cocktails and hospitality throughout the world.At La Sphere we don't consider bartending as just pouring the drinks in the glass, we take a step further and make it a delightful experience . The cocktails here are not just Mojitos, Bloody Mary's etc, but it is making something served with passion and flair for the customers who enjoy the drink and come for some light entertainment with drinks. Bartending is not just juggling but it's a style, it's an art and hence at La Sphere we provide different Bartending diploma courses. La Sphere has the Best Diploma in Bartending In India. The best courses you will find at La Sphere in the city and in the country, Best Diploam in Barterder, Diploma in Bartender in Kalyan, Diploma in Bartender in Mumbai, Diploma Bartender in India.

The hands on practical courses at La Sphere are designed to develop proficient and competent cocktail bartenders. Working behind a fully equipped bar with multiple stations. Students learns how to prepare shaken, blended, stirred, strained and frozen cocktails simultaneously in the correct manner and with sheer charisma.Free pouring and working flair techniques are incorporated during practice session on a daily basis throughout the course and are fundamental aspects to its completion.

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La Sphère School of Hotel Management is managed by the Ashrafi Educational Trust, which is run by eminent people from varied backgrounds who aims to impart quality education and provide equal employment opportunities for all. In that attempt, they aspire to create landmark institutions of learning in Mumbai and promote education in India, beginning with Hotel Management.


Hospitality management graduates are recruited in the core operational areas of a hotel such as front office, housekeeping, food & beverage production

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La Sphère School of Hotel Management provides six programs. The programs are to provide the every student with academic qualification.

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The faculty at LSHMS comprise of the best from the industry. Most of them are stalwarts in their respective fields and have a wide range of experience in Hotel Management.

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