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Grooming Standards

Good grooming makes one feel more confident apart from creating significantly strong and mostly irreversible first impressions
  • Uniforms must be clean, spotless, well maintained and ironed.
  • Shirts/tops must be buttoned up at all times.
  • Suitably colored non revealing inner garments must be worn.
  • Trousers must be of the correct length.
  • Footwear must be cleaned/polished daily
  • Finger nails must be kept clean, well clipped, filed and shaped
  • No chewing gum, paan masala or similar
  • Regular use of mild deodorant or antiperspirant is encouraged. Moisturizers may be used as required. Avoid strong perfumes
  • Shower daily to promote personal hygiene especially preventing body odor
  • Use mouth freshener spray in order to avoid mouth odor
  • A watch of a conservative design may be worn, with a plain, simple face and fitted band.
  • No rings except wedding ring in case the student is married
  • Name badges in proper condition are part of the uniform and must be worn on the left hand side
  • Plain black socks without design or embroidery to be worn.
  • Ties design should be conservative. The tip end of the tie to touch the top or middle of the belt buckle.
  • Belts (I not outfitted by college) must be black (to match the shoes) and must sport a plain conservative style
  • Clean shave daily (using a sharp razor): beards are not permitted.
  • Mustaches must be neat, freshly trimmed, and should not exceed past the corner of the mouth and should not cover the upper lip.
  • Fancy, wild and fashionable hair styles are expressly disallowed
  • Clean, professional looking, freshly styled hair, worn short and well combed with the back hairline above the collar
  • All Sikh (male) students should wear black turbans only. Patkas are not allowed
  • Hair should not cover ears.
  • Sideburns, not longer than the mid-ear section.
  • Moderate use of gels, mousses and hair sprays.
  • Hair must not be streaked with colour.
  • Short hair must be styled away from the face and kept off the shoulders at all times.
  • Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied neatly in a bun, or a style that looks professional and does not cover the face.
  • Fringes must be neat and just above the eye brows
  • Basic make up, complementing your uniform, face and skin tone.
  • Subtle shades to be used on the eyes, cheeks, nails and lips. All make up should be tastefully applied.
  • Hands and legs to be waxed regularly

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