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About Ashrafi Educational Trust

The Ashrafi Educational Trust aims at imparting quality education and provide equal employment opportunities for all. In that attempt, it aspires to create landmark institutions of learning in Mumbai and promote education in India, beginning with Hotel Management.

It also envisages generating and promoting the opportunities for self-employment and utilizing the revenues for advancement of knowledge, education and service.

The trust is run by eminent people from varied backgrounds and they are putting their mind and soul together for the smooth running of all the affairs of the trust in a coherent manner.At Ashrafi, we have honed our skills to give birth to top professionals who will lead the future.

Disclaimer: The activities of the Trust would be confined to the territory of India only. It will be wholly charitable and not religious in nature. The benefits of the Trust/Institution would be available to the general public irrespective of caste/ creed/ colour/ race etc