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Diploma in Food and Beverage Management in Mumbai

Post completing a college program, there are various diploma a student can avail, diploma in specific field helps the students to take initial steps in a particular field in their career. The diploma adds to the knowledge and skills of a student that he or shre has acquired through years of study, and can be hugely beneficial when pursuing a career. There are several different levels of study that you can take depending on the level of your education and experience in hand.

Students who pursue a diploma and degree in food and beverage management benefit from the very general nature of the studies. It is possible for a student to focus on any aspect that really appeals to you, or you can acquire knowledge from all the elements to become a versatile professional.Today the Food and Beverage industry is one of the largest industry and it attracts lucrative jobs and positions. There are many different career options that a person can choose to pursue, but those with a diploma and degree in food and beverage management usually looked to higher leadership positions. Positions usually include head of operations, manager, human resources manager, and quality assurance manager. It may be possible to work in any area of the operation of a hotel and restaurant.If you are interested in the food and beverage industry, this diploma may be for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

La Sphere School of Hotel Management is managed by the Ashrafi Educational Trust, which is run by eminent people from varied backgrounds who aims to impart quality education and provide equal employment opportunities for all. In that attempt, they aspire to create landmark institutions of learning in Mumbai and promote education in India, beginning with Hotel Management.


Hospitality management graduates are recruited in the core operational areas of a hotel such as front office, housekeeping, food & beverage production

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College admission forms are available online at and can be collected in person from college campus.

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La Sphère School of Hotel Management provides six programs. The programs are to provide the every student with academic qualification.

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Meet The Faculty

The faculty at LSHMS comprise of the best from the industry. Most of them are stalwarts in their respective fields and have a wide range of experience in Hotel Management.

Mr. Sushil Kumar



Mr.Vaibhav Gupte



Mr. Parag Sawant


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