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Hotel Management Course In Kalyan

La Sphere Hotel Management course in Mumbai and Hotel Management course in Kalyan covers the following areas :

Food Production : Students gain in depth knowledge in the aspects of bakery and kitchen. Given the fact hotels have numerous kitchens for making a wide range of foods and beverages from across the nation and continent, knowledge in kitchen handling is a imperative and mandate.

Food & Beverage Service : Acquiring knowledge and nuances of foods and drinks served at hotels is something hospitality industry aspirants must learn and become pro. That is what we train you at La Sphere a top Institute of Hotel Management in Mumbai & Hotel Managment Institute in Kalyan. Hotels in India are offering a diverse range of dining options like Indian, Continental, Thai, Chinese, Mexican to name a few to their customers, hence it is more then imperative and must to get knowledge in foods and beverages for the students

Rooms Service & House Keeping : In any hotel, Rooms Service & housekeeping management of the guests is one of the key role and with range of activities. From maintaining rooms like cleaning, changing, furnishing etc and handling other related problems, hotel management students have to become pro in all the housekeeping and room service related activities. And in hotel, it is not only about rooms, but students also learn about common areas in hotels like lobby, bar, restaurants etc. For a comprehensive knowledge on all these aspects enroll yourself in La Sphere a top Institute of Hotel Management in Mumbai & Hotel Management in Kalyan.

La Sphère School of Hotel Management is managed by the Ashrafi Educational Trust, which is run by eminent people from varied backgrounds who aims to impart quality education and provide equal employment opportunities for all. In that attempt, they aspire to create landmark institutions of learning in Mumbai and promote education in India, beginning with Hotel Management.


Hospitality management graduates are recruited in the core operational areas of a hotel such as front office, housekeeping, food & beverage production

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College admission forms are available online at and can be collected in person from college campus.

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La Sphère School of Hotel Management provides six programs. The programs are to provide the every student with academic qualification.

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Student Support

Meet The Faculty

The faculty at LSHMS comprise of the best from the industry. Most of them are stalwarts in their respective fields and have a wide range of experience in Hotel Management.

Mr. Sushil Kumar



Mr.Vaibhav Gupte



Mr. Parag Sawant


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