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Best Courses In Hospitality In 2018

Best Courses In Hospitality In 2018

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The Hospitality management courses are designed to focus Customer Service which includes customer reception, well being, comfort and safety, majorly in a hotel, restaurant, entertainment or any service industry with customer service focus. Hospitality management revolves around customer satisfaction that would lead to his or her loyalty towards the brand or services and retain the customer for repeated business. Students in hospitality management get the opportunity to receive hands-on training and experience in the hospitality organisations with live customers. Hospitality management applies theories from similar disciplines like commerce, business administration, supply chain management and logistics.

La Sphere school of Hotel Management offers the best Hospitality Course in Mumbai, the Important topics offered in the hospitality management course, covers hotel operations, hospitality, communication & interpersonal skills, catering and banquet management, applied food & berverage service sanitation, hotel & restaurant financial management, travel and tours operations and business administration.

The students in Hospitality management courses will be well equipped with the necessary skills to implement business development and quality management strategies, they will gain basic administrative abilities in order to manage organisation, planning and scheduling of activities. Most importantly, students would develop excellent customer service, interpersonal and communication skills as working in hospitality industry involves establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with clients as well as colleagues throughout the organization.

Certified Professional can apply for employment in restaurants, hotels, casinos, clubs, catering & banquet services. They would be able find jobs as hotel managers, travel agents, clerks, cost controllers, restaurant managers or cruise line personnel etc.

5000+ Students Placed by Parent Company

La Sphère School of Hotel Management is managed by the Ashrafi Educational Trust, which is run by eminent people from varied backgrounds who aims to impart quality education and provide equal employment opportunities for all. In that attempt, they aspire to create landmark institutions of learning in Mumbai and promote education in India, beginning with Hotel Management.


Hospitality management graduates are recruited in the core operational areas of a hotel such as front office, housekeeping, food & beverage production

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College admission forms are available online at and can be collected in person from college campus.

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La Sphère School of Hotel Management provides six programs. The programs are to provide the every student with academic qualification.

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Meet The Faculty

The faculty at LSHMS comprise of the best from the industry. Most of them are stalwarts in their respective fields and have a wide range of experience in Hotel Management.

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